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Myofascial Release: Feel Better After a Workout Faster

You heard the term "myofascial release" and that it's key to feeling great after a tough workout, but you're not exactly sure what that is. To understand what it is you need to know what fascia is first.

Fascia is the sheet of connective tissue beneath the skin that stabilizes, attaches, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs.

Through a multitude of ways ranging from inactivity to overuse from working out your fascia can become sore and painful from becoming tight and restricted. Myofascial release therapy aims to help treat that pain and immobility by relaxing the muscle, improving circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. You add a lot of stress to your body when you work out and myofascial release is a perfect way to work that stress out of your body.

Now you might be wondering - How do I go about achieving myofascial release? Well, there's a whole host of things you should add to your cool down as means to recover and see the results you want, but the three main things to aid in the myofascial release are vibration, stretching, and working the problem areas. A great way to achieve this release is with a foam roller. Those allow you to stretch and work problem areas at the same time.



Now, more rollers, like our Victor Fitness X1 roller, are coming with an added feature of vibration to help aid this process. If you take 10-15 minutes after your workouts to work on recovering your body with one of these type of massage rollers your body is sure to feel better faster.

If you do these things along with getting enough sleep and keeping yourself hydrated pre and post-workout you can have your body feeling much more refreshed, and you can start seeing results from the gym faster.