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Active Recovery: How to Get the Most Out of Your Rest Days


Achieving the results you want doesn't just stop when you leave the gym after an intense workout. Recovery on off-days can be just as important as the time you spend in the gym trying to perfect your routine, but not all recovery is equal.

If you don't use rest days you put your body at a higher risk of injury. When you don't give your body enough recovery time after multiple heavy workout sessions you could actually see a decrease in your body's strength and endurance. This time off from your workouts is important for replacing fluids lost and repairing micro-tears to muscle tissue that allows them to get bigger and stronger.

The number one thing you can do for your recovery days is sleep. Getting eight hours of quality sleep is recommended. During this time your body can recharge your energy levels, work on repairing your body, and secrete hormones while you sleep that promote muscle growth.

Active recovery helps your body get fresher, faster too. It's easy to want to sit around all day when you're sore and tired after a tough workout the day before but doing a lighter workload, even including just running errands, can really help your body feel rejuvenated faster. Some light crosstraining, a bike ride, or going for a jog are all ways to go about an active recovery.



Dynamic stretching and foam rolling are other great ways to recover. Dynamic stretching will help you warm up your body by loosening the sore muscles you're stretching and mimic the movements you may end up doing. Likewise, foam rolling will help loosen up sore muscles you are working on, increase blood flow to those areas, and help improve your range of motion with consistent use. Some foam rollers even vibrate to help massage those muscles even more like our X1 vibrating foam roller. The good thing is you can do these two active recovery techniques any day you want even if it is after a workout.