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REX bands

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REX "Recovery with Elastic eXercise"

These bands can be used by anyone for almost anything: strength and conditioning, muscle toning, stretching, Pilates, weight loss, and rehabilitation. Each band is made to last and maintain their elasticity after years of use. They can be used to increase strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, and overall health and wellness. These physical therapist-approved, professional-grade bands can be used for everyday workouts and recovery. They come with their own carrying case, so storage is as simple as can be!

  • Yellow - Extra Light - .7mm - 5-20lbs Resistance
  • Red - Light - .9mm - 20-35lbs Resistance
  • Blue - Medium - 1.1mm - 35-40lbs Resistance
  • Green - Heavy - 1.3mm - 40-45lbs Resistance
  • Black - Extra Heavy - 1.5mm - 45-50lbs Resistance