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Trig Stick

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This roller aids in recovery and can help you avoid injury. Use it before working out to warm up your body, and after exercising to help recover faster. This roller stick helps to break up lactic acid within your muscles while improving circulation and reducing soreness, alleviating tension and discomfort. Ergonomic handles ensure you can comfortably use it for a relaxing deep tissue massage. You can grip this muscle roller stick without discomfort for a soothing and uninterrupted recovery session. It's ideal for athletes, physical therapy, yoga, pilates and most other workouts. This exercise roller stick is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and use in small spaces. It also provides instant relief from soreness, tightness and cramping.

  • This 18" massage roller has 9 reinforced plastic gears that loosen myofascial trigger points to instantly relieve pain and soreness
  • Professional-grade steel core restores and rehabilitates muscles by increasing blood flow and strengthening mobility
  • Muscle roller stick featuring a myofascial release massage roller with ergonomic handles allows you to keep your hold for a soothing and uninterrupted recovery session
  • Compact and lightweight size makes it simple to store or use in small spaces, making it the ideal addition to your home gym equipment